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A Grievance System Moving Towards Change
*For ease of review, my story of alleged moral abuse, legal corruption and breached justice unfolds as you select the different drop down menus organized at the top of the page, under the category Breached Justice. Sadly what occurred in my case depicts a complete lack of respect for Lady Justice, our laws of society, Rules of Professional Conduct, or any respect for the written law.

Through-out the web site that speaks to the injustice you can click on bold black underlined wording to link to and view the actual material evidence that is now established in the record. Please remember as you click to review the material evidence the greater majority of documents were established by the court and adversary attorneys themselves. This is the public record.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I am not an attorney. This website expresses my opinions. This web site does not provide legal advice. I do not provide legal advice. I do not practice law. The website is to publish corruption and provide a venue to effect positive change. Anyone with legal questions should consult a attorney.

During my professional career I have worked with and known many law firms whose practices I found to be ethical, moral and professional. I am also certain there are a greater majority of judicial officers nationwide whose practices are exemplary and above reproach. However, since my harsh introduction in 2002 to the downside of the legal profession, and the malicious misconduct, meant to destroy, there has been sufficient evidence, pointed to within this web-site, that there are attorneys and judicial officers who by their own actions provide the appearance and material facts of not being ethical, moral, or professional.

The information on this site is not “legal advice.” If you seek an outcome rather than to take a principled position or reform the system, you should consult a lawyer.

It is the belief of this coalition that ethical attorneys and judicial officers would welcome a forum that seeks to deter any unethical behavior.

This coalition and web site’s intent is to deter corruption in our judicial system by joining other web-sites in their ongoing efforts of creating a strong public awareness of that corruption. We are dedicated, even under threat or imposed hardship, to research, investigate, and use any and all means available to successfully publish information regarding any attorney, law firm, or officer of the Court, when material facts exist in the established record documented in the public domain which would cause reasonable people to believe that there exists a moral, legal, and/or discretionary abuse. We are particularly intent on assisting when there is material evidence that any criminal statute has been violated.

It simply does not make sense to exempt those certain individuals in the legal system from the laws that the rest of society must adhere to. This coalition focuses upon unethical, immoral and criminal conduct and seeks to assert a higher standard of behavior. Breached Justice makes every effort to provide a “forum” model to assist so that, ultimately those certain perpetrators can be subjected to criminal prosecution if their actions include violation of criminal statutes. There is sufficient evidence world wide that citizens are placed in harms way expecting the fox to guard the hen house!

Voices are rallying as world web sites alert us to a deteriorating American legal system. We are not “left or right wing”; we are ordinary working Americans. Browse the links we provide here at Breached Justice and then search the internet for the key words corruption, citizens against corruption, judicial transparency, and judicial watch. You will find out very quickly that the public is not ambivalent about this subject, and growing concerns about our legal and judicial system are not unwarranted.

Whenever possible we must speak up and speak out in order to heighten public awareness and law enforcement officials of fraud and corruption perpetrated by a select few attorneys and certain officers of the court, while hiding beneath the cloak of the legal profession. These officers of the court should be held to a higher standard of judicial conduct.

We concerned citizens can make a difference, and bring to the forefront the moral – legal abuse, corruption and breached justice which is undermining our judicial system. Any system that offers protection to attorneys who deliberately betray trust, rob, and destroy lives and families, leaving a documented paper trail of indiscretions and unprofessional conduct, simply because they have a law degree and unlimited resources to do so is not the system we want.

The guiding motivation for this Breached Justice web-site, the Louisiana non profit organization established and forum coalition is due to the betrayal suffered by me and other like victims of our legal system.

There is power in numbers. If you believe in our cause please sign our Petition for Change, seeking judicial transparency. We appreciate any effort you might take to foster the success of the petition for change.

We welcome any and all volunteer efforts. If you are a victim we are interested in your story. We seek to publish factual information, to encourage proper investigations, to educate and inform the public, to gather substantiated public records- all in an effort to promote transparency and accountability.