About Us

We are a start up Louisiana not for profit organization interested in hearing from other like victims who have similar claims of suffering, moral abuse, legal corruption or breached justice within the judicial system.

The information on this site is not “legal advice”. If you seek an outcome rather than to take a principled position or reform the system you should consult a lawyer with the facts in your case.

This site is intended as an educational tool for laypersons. The purpose of which is to provide the public with a venue to share their stories of abuses occurring in the judicial system. Our site offers one place to come together, a collaboration of victims, so that we might have a stronger voice. A voice that will be heard.

We wish to join forces with other websites in order to promote our cause – “We the People”, and we hope that this website will further that cause with the people’s support of our petition of change.

In every litigation, the Court establishes and maintains an official record of the proceedings. That record is generally public information and is available to the general public. One way of obtaining established material facts and evidence contained in that record is through electronic document systems such as Pacer. Click advisory link – Pacer Court Records.

We aspire to help victims of legal abuse who are uncertain how to go about finding public domain records, understand that the records are available and assist them in publishing their stories of moral and/or legal abuse, or believed criminal acts, which they allege occurred in their individual cases.

We are particularly interested in stories of alleged abuses that would be perceived as legitimate wrongful acts by reasonable people. Wrongful acts that material evidence confirms the violation of Rules of Professional Conduct, Rules of Judicial Conduct, Written Law and/or Criminal statutes.

We want to insure transparency and accountability, encourage proper investigations for wrongdoing, expose unethical corrupt acts, gather substantiated evidence and publish, inform, educate and encourage the public to become involved in this movement for change.

Our motto’s are:

“You be the Judge”;

“Breached Betrayal of Blind Justice”;

“The Truth and Nothing but the Truth”;

“Judicial Transparency”; and

“Should anyone be above the law?”.