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“Coalition Against Moral Abuse, Legal Corruption – Breached Justice” a new Louisiana not for profit organization.


Sue Bell – President – Executive Director

Bell, a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, alleges in her story within this website, “”, that she has been the victim of moral abuse and legal corruption, personally experiencing breached justice. Now driven by the severe consequences of her egregious experience, Bell is focused on and devoted to promoting change that will foster judicial accountability and transparency, by seeking to have the Bell Transparency Act of 2011 voted into law. Litigation against Bell has recently brought about a specific focus on forensic legal research in the area of violations of professional conduct and criminal statutes occurring in the judicial structure, and on the stories of other victims and their suffering and the resulting damages.

Bell is the president of the not for profit organization Coalition Against Moral Abuse – Legal Corruption – Breached Justice, and the president of Consultants On Line, Inc.. She is a notary public who has acquired over forty years of business entrepreneurial experience establishing procedural management protocols proven to have successful profitable outcomes. Bell’s resume is comprised of regional- district corporate reorganization, strategic planning, negotiations, business liaison, mergers, acquisitions, banking/venture capital, market strategies-expansions, facilitator, and historical analytical evaluations. She is also experienced in business start-ups, scheduling/planning, financial cash flow analysis and management, emphasis on new project upstart, extensive internal–external auditing expertise, P&L, and HR management, as well as extensive “forensic” paralegal research and case preparation.

Bell’s training experience includes but is not limited to: Successful Business Planning: Living Will and Estate Tax: DEQ Recycling & Waste: Engineering & Environmental Exposition: Environmental Law Overview: OSHA Certification: Stress Management: Leadership Accountability: Workplace Dynamics – Harassment – Foreign: Corrupt Practices Act –Integrity–Conflicts of Interest–Gifts Gratuities– Antitrust : Project Management Essentials : Microsoft Project Intermediate :Advanced Project Management : Educational Stress Management : Workforce Leadership:   Safety Management Training in: Teamwork & Workforce Leadership & Problem solving and Performance : Applied Teamwork : Problem Solving & Performance Improvement : Accounting, Business Writing, and Paralegal Studies.

She has a history of concern and involvement, including but not limited to: Quota International: Lafayette Chapter assisting the Hearing and Speech Impaired Children:  Assistance towards Haitian Children in their Needs : Connections, Inc.: Networking of   Professional Woman : Business Professional Woman : Louisiana Takes a Stand


Shelley Riseden – Director of – Research – Investigations

A native of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Riseden is an Independent Consultant – focused on providing legal support and research to attorneys and other legal professionals. Riseden holds an associate degree in paralegal studies and is owner of and Riseden has helped lead Breached Justice with strategic guidance and leadership since its inception, focusing on Breached Justice’s comprehensive effort to foster change for judicial transparency and accountability. Her personal focus is to ensure judicial officers act ethically and do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people.


Roberta Cutting – Director of – Media Forum

A resident of Dade City, FloridaRoberta Cutting started writing in 1994 from  a personal experience that totally devastated she and her family.  This same experience helped inspire the existence of a nonprofit organization, “Citizens Against Legal and Moral Abuse, Inc.” (CALMA), that she created for the same reason Breached Justice was born:  “Legal and moral abuse that would make even the most intellectual minds of all times cringe.”

Writing her story down was a way to handle a bad situation.  Since then, her writing grew into a non-fiction book with many chapters that followed.  Her love for the written word grew stronger with every word written, from finishing up the nonfiction book based on a true story to writing newspaper articles, periodically.  College education and studying the craft of writing has been a part of her life every since the tragedy she and her family had to face so many years ago.

Cutting is expected to graduate in paralegal studies in December 2011.  From there, it’s off to earning a bachelors degree, a requirement for law school.  Fortunately, with well over 120 college credit hours under her belt, getting her bachelors degree will only take one year vs. the regular four year requirement.

Recently, Cutting started an e-book business called, Back to Books Publishing where nonfiction material will help readers improve their lives, including books that will inspire, motivate, and help others with legal and moral issues they are facing today.

A certain percentage of specific book sales will be donated to either CALMA or Breached Justice.  This will be announced in the promotion of each book on what percentage will be given and for which organization it will apply.






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