For Legal Responsibility

Citizens, have you been a victim of legal negligence, malpractice, misconduct, lax moral standards, or had your civil rights violated?

Do you believe that statutes or case law were intentionally misrepresented in documents or litigation or that criminal laws may have been violated in your case?

Did you have a case wherein you believed officers of the Court presiding over it were biased, prejudicial, abused their power of discretion, or were just plain incompetent?

Our non profit organization seeks ethical reform and improvement of complete judicial transparency. You have but to visit the few advisory links to the right on this page to determine, from these sites depicted out of the many hundreds of sites worldwide, that  there is a clear indication that the reforms we seek are long overdue to the citizens of the world.

There is power in numbers – please join us by lending your voice in support of ending  “Moral Abuse, Legal Corruption & Breached Justice”. Please help us to unlock the door to Judicial Transparency.

We appreciate your blog comments – but more importantly please show your support by signing the “PETITION FOR CHANGE”. We also are very grateful for any effort on your part to promote the petition’s success.

Thank you.