Mission Statement

We believe an impartial judiciary is essential to the administration of justice.  However, the current judicial system sets its own rules and laws for attorneys and judges under a self-regulated system that provides no consequence for actions which are in contravention to the rules and laws by which others are expected to abide. Subsequently, a small percentage of judicial officers and attorneys commit acts of misconduct, for which they suffer no penalty or redress.

We believe in promoting public awareness, through the news media, public forums, and within the halls of Congress. Therefore, we will use the website “Breached Justice” to publish stories of abuse experienced in the judicial system, to educate the public, and  to promote judicial transparency. We believe the people can effect change and request the people’s support for the cause by signing our petition for change.

We believe it is important to abolish the confidentiality of complaints made against judicial officers and to have involvement of ordinary persons in attorney disciplinary matters. Our goal is to create procedures which will hold judges and attorneys accountable for their behavior by holding them responsible for their actions, and subject to consequences for abusive behavior and violations of the rules and laws which govern others’ behavior.

We seek to promote The Bell Transparency Act of 2011, a new Act which creates a civil cause of action for a “Finding” of misconduct of a Judge, provides for a jury trial, and allows a procedural stay of a case wherein a Judge is presiding and a complainant is a party .

We seek to publicly address and redefine self regulation within the judicial system.

A similar Act is in draft and will be forthcoming that will seek to address attorney misconduct or violations of law during a case.