Moral of My Story


I believe it is human nature to believe in good, to trust in the judicial system and our judicial officers and legal process whereby laws and conduct are important. After all, these officials take oaths, are paid with citizen dollars, have professional conduct codes, and should be held to the highest standards. You would expect Courts to have a general understanding that their actions should always at the least appear to be fair, impartial, and unbiased, under all circumstances. Furthermore, these officials provide their judicial services in auspicious buildings that usually have great pillars of blind justice or the words “In God We Trust” displayed in prestigious surroundings to assure citizens it is a safe and fair place.

TRIER OF FACT: If the Court is supposed to be a trier of facts, how can it issue ultimatums before you present your first defense? How can the facts be tried when the Court denies factual testimony, and the same evidence properly designated, is never forwarded on appeal? Why are these material facts still hidden behind the record? As you read my story, do you believe that I experienced what the Constitution of the United States guarantees every citizen? Do you believe my civil rights were denied?

APPEAL: What is now painfully clear, once the trial court (trier of fact) issues the Court’s Post Trial Reasons, the Reasons are not likely overturned in the appeal process. All the more reason for a Transparency Bill (similar to H.R. 5219) to be voted into law as the bill is meant to deter judicial misconduct. If a victim of moral abuse, legal corruption, breached justice has the right to stay a case or file a civil suit for a Finding of Misconduct, then years of abuse and/or damages is deterred.

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS: Supporting emails of the circumstances. Email 101 : Email 102 : Email 103 : Email 104 : You be the Judge – there are many more like communications.

While this bankruptcy case, filed in 2002, continues in its longevity – for a number of recent years, my attorney Ms. Magee, then I, in proper person in every effort to redress injustice have copied different filings with many attachments herein linked in this site to:

Office of U.S. Trustee – Shreveport : U.S. Attorney Office – Lafayette, LA : Exec Office U.S. Trustees Criminal Enforcement – Washington DC : Office of U.S. Trustee – New Orleans : La. Supreme Court New Orleans : Office Attorney General Baton Rouge : Office Disciplinary Counsel Baton Rouge

Because of all these notification efforts my experience is once an abuse occurs in the trial court – no one is interested in redressing injustice.

IN MY CASE: For more than ten years, with no end in sight; unbelievably a fair place could not have been further from the truth. My dealings with certain attorneys with personal vendettas, more specifically detailed within this site, who, by their own record relentlessly provided known fraudulent misrepresentations of statutes meant to maliciously damage and destroy. Purposely meant to libel, slander and defame to such an extreme, meant to leave no opportunity for professional recovery. Their own established record confirms the relentless lies and deceit about nearly every important material fact.

You be the judge.

Did portions of a judgment obtained by fraud prosper these parties personally, unfairly and adversarial to the material facts on record? So malicious and relentless, that they did not fear their own record being establishing in the proceeding. Is it that any professional acts taking place in a judicial system, stay in that jurisdiction? It was an undignified demoralizing process that felt like it was about control, power and hopelessness. Would you not agree that regardless of the unethical acts by these certain attorneys my civil rights should have been protected by the court. Instead, in disbelief and shock, the court disclosed its biased prejudgment with a warning (or threat) that I would be slammed unfairly. Then the court also agreed with these attorneys that I should not be allowed to testify on my bench books of exhibits. Is there a way to have a “fair trial” when being denied testimony on my evidence, the one chance I would have to defend myself? Then do you believe there were continuing indiscretions when after the fact it was found the court did not transmit my bench books of evidence on appeal? Today the evidence is still hidden in the file.

How do you survive such an egregious abuse? I am making every effort to take this most negative damaging sixteen (16) year experience to foster a venue of change, to make a difference, to offer a solution so that others might not suffer the same transgressions or damages.

CITIZENS – BEWARE – There is mounting evidence, as web sites complain, that certain unscrupulous attorneys, whomever they may be, and certain “attorneys on the bench” (let us not forget their path to the bench) believe they can do anything they wish which can bring about severe consequence to you, a layperson and citizen. And apparently do so without any concern of consequences or any process whereby they can even be held accountable for wrongful acts.

Why? I asked myself this each time I had to appear for a hearing, praying for dignity and patience while I was made to suffer what I allege were the worst abuse and indiscretions. Because presently there is no successful system to demand or promote judicial transparency or to stop the damages while they are occurring. Instead the system we now have fosters an atmosphere that can cause years of abuse and damages.

If you support The Bell Transparency Act of 2011 – Please show your support by signing the PETITION FOR CHANGE.

Another Bill and Petition for Change is coming soon with regards to attorney misconduct.

The Bell Transparency Act of 2011 is an attempted spin-off of H.R. 5219. Since initially being submitted to congress in 2006, H.R. 5219 has not made it to fruition. There have been subsequent submitting of the bill to Congress since 2006 to no avail. (See Transparency – drop down – H.R. 5219.)

The Bell Act seeks to resolve the current crisis in our judicial system.  The solution would be a cost effective deterrent that would not require any federal or state funding. The solution would assist in deterring continuing damages in cases that continue at length by first staying the case.

Post trial briefs

The alleged egregious actions by the adversary attorneys in my case occurred after the trial in post trial briefs. As you read my story do you believe the court in my case was a party to the abuse. The Bell Act proposes that when there is sufficient evidence existing to support an allegation of a violation of the Professional Rules of Conduct or violations of criminal statutes, that a citizen would have a process whereby they could petition to suspend the case in order to address and resolve the allegations of wrongful acts.

It is well established Louisiana law that you can not file suit for defamation – libel – slander until the conclusion of the current case. I was ultimately made to suffer unnecessarily since the 2002 trial date to today – ten (10) years later!

Please see the Bell Act and help us further our cause by signing the Petition for Change.


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