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Leaders need the steadfastness to stand alone perhaps under duress. In order to support or create a movement the first followers transform the lone voice by courageously following and showing others how to support a cause. It is urgent that we join forces so that our consolidated voices can be heard to promote change and effect Judicial transparency and accountability.

Thank you – forever grateful for the good news of your support in this crisis in urgent need of change. Thank you for promoting the Bell Transparency Act of 2011. Thank you for promoting the Web site “Petition” to effect change. Thank you for your sworn affidavits regarding your personal experiences of corruption in the judicial system and your willingness to testify before a grand jury.

Although the web site publishes an excessive amount of reporting of corruption and there are many non profits world wide that have been executed to effect change; the only effort that has not occurred is that we (all citizens and groups seeking change in the interest of justice) must join together in numbers to bring awareness to this important issue. To promote change.

I welcome your support. Thank You.

The Exploratory Committee of 2011 for the People   Bill Windsor


Ain’t It Beautiful – Blog – by Sharon Stephens  – Dr. Richard Fine a former US Prosecutor who serviced jail time in behalf of the U.S. Constitutional Rights

Petition sites: – – Thepetitionsite – GoPetition – PetitionBuzz – – IPetitions




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